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Join us for the following events to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein! All events are free and open to the campus community! We welcome all visitors!




Monday, October 22nd, 2018, Time: 10-18, First Floor


10:00, Room 110

Franken-robots will be designed by students and visitors. Materials used for the design will be various devices and gadgets, electrical wires, valves, shafts, diodes, chips and other. The workshop will try to demystify the border delineating a human interference in a robot-like machine-making.

Supervisor: Ilija Ječmenica

10:00, Room 114

Franken-book covers will be designed by students and visitors in the workshop. The workshop will explore the idea of what defines the relationship between technology and humanity, related to phenomenon of ‘Frankenstein‘. The outcomes will include solutions in vector and software bitmap graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw).

Supervisor: Mijodrag Tutunović

10:00, Room 114

Franken-IT workshop will deal with WEB and animation design. Computer arts solutions (video, video game) will also be included. All events and resources of the project will be available on the website www.vstss.com/frankenreads

Supervisor: Nemanja Ćosović


Materials and computers for the workshop are provided. All visitors are welcome to participate. All models will be displayed on the Frankenbition & arts exhibition the next day.



Wednesday, October 24th, 2018, TCC Hall, First Floor, Time: 17:00

Frankenbition – Opening of the exhibit of miscellaneous art and design artefacts (book covers, comics, posters) entitled Frankenbition designed by TCC students and visitors, inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel. Computer arts and solutions and robots will also be included. The exhibition will present the works exploring the idea of what defines the relationship between technology and humanity.

Supervisor: Đorđe Popović


Frankenstein 200 years after: a question of authorship – A dramatic enactment of an imaginary interview with Mary Shelley on the success of her novel. Dramatization in English, with students actors in 18th century scene and costume.

Starring: Vanja Čolović and Đorđe Kalojević

Styling and costume: Kristina Bojanović

Supervisor: Vesna Petrović


Frankenmusic – live music performance of modern music, inspired by science-fiction or with technological elements.

Performing: music duo IN BETWEEN

Supervisor: Ivana Krsmanović



Thursday, October 25th, 2018, Room 112, Time: 10:00


’Mary Shelley as a Myth-Maker: L’écriture féminine Re-visiting the genre’

(Lecturer: Ivana Krsmanović, professor of applied studies, PhD in English Romanticism)

A lecture will be illustrated by a set of photographs of Mary Shelley, paper clips and manuscript of the novel by a video projector. A follow-up: a panel discussion. Join us for enthusiastic discussions of the novel!


Public reading of ‘Frankenstein’ Room 112, Time: 11:00

Join the event of public reading of Mary Shelley’s classic!




Organized and sponsored by ENGLIT

Special thanks to all PARTNERS