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Hello — some of you may know me from my Frankenstein-related writings (e.g., the books The Frankenstein Legend, The Frankenstein Catalog, the Frankenstein Archive, the 12-volume New Adventures of Frankenstein series, plus numerous comic book and TV scripts, magazine articles, etc.; see www.donaldfglut.com ). You may also know me for writing the novelization of the “Star Wars” movie The Empire Strikes Back.

My company Pecosborn Productions (see www.pecosborn.com) has complete a new motion picture Tales of Frankenstein, to be released this year in celebration of the 200th anniversary with which you are all familiar. The movie is an anthology in the style of the old Amicus movies, comprising four stories, each set in a different time period and country, adapted from short stories included in my book Tales of Frankenstein. The movie emulates the classic Frankenstein movies of the past (Universal, Hammer, etc.) and is very “traditional.” The movie, now in post-production, is scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray release of Halloween of this year.

TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN premiered theatrically Oct. 24. It is now available on VOD (iTunes, Amazon and Google Play) and DVD (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).  Now available are such ancillary items as TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN: THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE and myriad collectible items such as shirts, mugs, postcards, office supplies, posters, etc. Coming soon: TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN GRAPHIC NOVEL and 50-card trading card set. For ordering information (and information about the movie) see www.pecosborn.com. If you like  the movie, kindly review it at the source from which you obtained it.

Also available now from Pecosborn: TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN 2019 Calendar, 8.5” x 11”, including 12 color photos (plus cover) from the movie. For creative &  practical reasons I must “crowd-fund.”

Thank you.

Donald F. Glut (writer, director & executive producer, TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN)