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To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein this exhibition explores the influence of Paradise Lost on Mary Shelley’s classic novel – in the very place where Milton completed his epic masterpiece.

Paradise Lost was like a bible to the Romantics and its influence runs rampant through Frankenstein.  Shelley quotes from Paradise Lost in the novel’s epigraph, while the Creature’s reading of the poem is the pivotal moment of the book.  “Evil thenceforth became my good,” he swears as he embarks on a killing spree, knowingly quoting Satan’s speech from Paradise Lost: “all Good to me is lost; / Evil be thou my Good.”

Presenting new artist commissions alongside books, posters and ephemera from stage and screen adaptions of Frankenstein, The Monster Reads Milton explores they evolution of Shelley’s creation from bookish introvert to the green faced monster of popular imagination.