31 Oct 2018

Frankenstein at 200

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In celebration of the bi-centenary of the publication of the first edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the University of Lincoln is holding a public event, to which all are welcome.

The morning session (10am-1pm) comprises a programme of papers, with questions from the audience.

The afternoon session (2-4pm) comprises a work in progress performance by Chamelon 53, followed by a Round Table discussion (with audience participation) titled ‘Frankenstein’s Relevance to the C21st’, chaired by Professor Lucie Armitt (University of Lincoln).


Programme of Papers:

Prof. Mark Jancovich (University of East Anglia): ‘Frankenstein’s Hideous Progeny: Science Fiction, Horror and Political Discourse.’

Eleanor Bryan (University of Lincoln) ‘Hideous Progenies: Reimagining Frankenstein’s monster’

Lauren Christie (University of Dundee): ‘Monstrous Legacies: Literary Adaptations of Frankenstein for Young Readers’

Dr Kelly Jones (University of Lincoln) ‘Adaptations of monstrous “liveness” in contemporary theatrical representations of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’

30 Oct 2018

200th Anniversary Celebration of Frankenstein

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Frankenstein event poster

The Wilkes University English Department invites the public to a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The event will feature brief remarks from Dr. Helen H. Davis and Dr. Chad Stanley, followed by a screening of the National Theatre Live Production of Nick Dear’s adaptation Frankenstein. The audience is invited to stay for an open discussion of the play. The event will be held in the ballroom of the Henry Student Center. Doors open at 5:00. The event begins at 5:30.

30 Oct 2018


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Presentation by PhD candidate Jennifer deBie on her research into Mary Shelley’s connections with European wax figures including Madame Tussaud’s wax exhibition, religious ex votos offerings, and Italian anatomical wax models.

Presentation will contain graphic imagery.

30 Oct 2018

Frankenreads Prague

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You are cordially invited to join staff and students of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, for an afternoon-into-evening of readings from the novel and presentation of selected scenes from the many small & silver screen adaptations, mapping the visual legacy of Mary Shelley’s timeless classic.

For more information, please contact Dr Mirka Horova (miroslava.horova@ff.cuni.cz)

Frankenreads Prague team: Dr Soňa Nováková, Mgr. Eva Bilská, Dr Mirka Horová, Mgr. Petra Poncarová

30 Oct 2018

Frankenstein Readathon

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At our Frankenstein Readathon, students, faculty, and staff at Baldwin Wallace University will come together during the day to take turns reading aloud from Frankenstein from noon-8 pm on Oct. 30. The Readathon is sponsored by the Department of English and is part of the university’s month-long Frankenstein Festival, which includes speakers, screenings, and exhibits to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the novel and its cultural impact.

30 Oct 2018

Alive and Kicking part 1: Teen proof Frankenstein

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High school students will make Frankenstein and its themes enjoyable to teenagers. Before leaving to Bournemouth on a study holiday and in order to celebrate Frankenstein’s 200 Birthday, the students will share all of the crafted materials on October 30th and 31st.

A gloomy and Gothic atmosphere will be recreated while sharing ..

DAY ONE: Tuesday 30Th October  9,00 to 10,00 am

5AL and 4BL

FrankInstagram: Monster Make-up

Make Your Own Monster: a funny tutorial

Frankie Goes to Broadway: a musical ( students will rewrite some chosen scenes and perform them also including an original pop and  rap song)

30 Oct 2018

Touchstones Discussion Project

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Reading and Discussion of a Selection from Frankenstein using the Touchstones Discussion protocol (www.touchstones.org)

“The selection we’ve chosen is titled, “The Cottagers.” It raises issues about community, empathy, belonging, connection, humanity, isolation, loneliness, and compassion—themes that are central in our contemporary society.”

30 Oct 2018


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Undergraduate students from the Department of British Literature and Culture at the University of Łódź  are organising a reading of passages from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (in Polish and in English) to commemorate this bicentenary year of the publication of the novel.

The reading will be interspersed with informal presentations on Mary Shelley, her life and the afterlife of Frankenstein.

You are welcome join us any time between 7 – 9 pm on Tuesday, the 30th of October 2018, in room -34, to read, listen to and enjoy this extraordinary literary work.

Poster design: Maciej Śniegucki

Organising committee: Marysia Durys, Agnieszka Jagła, Karolina Kordala, Weronika Smędzik, Gaja Staroń

30 Oct 2018

Frankenreads in Bologna

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On 30 and 31 of October Bologna will celebrate Mary Shelley’s novel across the city with a great number of events: readings in squares and public spaces;  books display; creative writing contest in secondary schools; Frankenstein film festival; round tables on Monsters, Science, Contexts and Media; guided tour to the Anatomical Theatre of Archiginnasio; Literary Tour on a Red City Bus; a night at the Palazzo Poggi Museum; a marathon reading at the Theatre Arena del Sole from 10 pm to 6 am .  These events have been organized by the Interuniversity Centre for Romantic Studies (CISR) of the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Departments of ARTS (DAR), the  Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LILEC) of the University of Bologna, Cineteca of Bologna,  Palazzo Poggi Museum, Archiginnasio; Salaborsa, Arena del Sole (ERT), Red City Bus, Bologna City Council.