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Why host a Frankenreads event?

Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus appeals to both novice and expert readers alike and is a work that remains highly relevant to contemporary issues. Thus it is perhaps no surprise that (according to the Open Syllabus project) Frankenstein is the most frequently taught work of literature in college English courses and the fifth most frequently taught book in college courses in all disciplines. It is certainly one of the most read British novels in the world. Hosting a Frankenreads event is an easy way both to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this important work and to foster discussion about issues such as ethics in science and the human tendency to demonize the unfamiliar. By participating in Frankenreads, you can make sure that your thoughts about Frankenstein are part of a global conversation. 

What kind of event can I host?

You can host any kind of event you like! Below are some suggestions. Click on the event type for further guidance.

  • Complete Reading — A live, all-day reading (about 9 hours) of the full text of Frankenstein
  • Partial Reading — A live reading of selected passages from Frankenstein
  • Discussion — An informal discussion of some or all of the novel
  • Lesson — A class session, discussion, or exercise on the novel
  • Lecture — A lecture on the novel by a relevant expert
  • Panel — A formal panel discussion of the novel
  • Exhibit — An exhibit of Frankenstein-related materials
  • Scene — A dramatic enactment (perhaps with props, costumes, and blocking) of one or more scenes from the novel
  • Screening — A film screening
  • Viewing — A community viewing on Halloween 2018 of the livestream of the NEH reading or other online events
  • Other — Whatever other kind of in-person or online event you can think of!

Should I hold in-person events or online events?

Either or both! We encourage you to record in-person events and upload video to our YouTube channel. We will also be providing advice on holding events via Google Hangouts.

When should I hold the event?

You can hold a Frankenreads event any time you like, but we encourage you to schedule an event during Frankenweek: October 24-31, 2018. 

Why post my event on the Frankenreads website?

Posting your event on the Frankenreads website enables the Frankenreads team to publicize your event widely, to give you help with your event, and to connect you with others who are holding nearby or similar events.

How do I post my event on the Frankenreads website?

To post your event on the Frankenreads website, first register an account, log in, and then submit your event. You should have the following information:

  • An event title (required)
  • An event description (required)
  • The event time and date
  • A square image no bigger than 128 Mb to represent the event
  • Venue information (e.g., name, address, phone number, website)
  • Organizer(s) information (e.g., name, email address, phone number)
  • Event website
  • Event cost

How can I get help?

Lots of ways! You can contact us via this site, message us on social media, or join our Frankenreads discussion group to ask and answer questions of like-minded people.