Signup Sheets

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Google Signup Sheets

This Google Sheets schedule template has five separate schedule options with 10-minute time slots you can use to sign up readers. Three of the schedules are keyed to roughly 3-page passages in the Longman edition of Frankenstein edited and divided into passages by Susan Wolfson and two of the schedules give only time slots, so that readers may read until the end of their time slot and then pass the book to the next reader. Options in both 12-hour time format and 24-hour time format are given.

Note that we cannot guarantee that each of the passages keyed to a 10-minute time slot will take exactly 10 minutes to read; readers read at very different paces, and not all passages are of equal length. If you use a signup sheet with both passages and time slots, please warn readers that their time slot is only approximate.

To use one of these schedules, visit the link to the template while signed in to a Google account and choose File –> Make a Copy to save a copy to your own Google Drive or File –> Download As to download an Excel file or PDF. Remove any time slots you don’t want and make other changes as needed.

Microsoft Word Signup Sheets

Online Signup Services

Two services will allow you to create signup sheets for Frankenreads readings customized for your needs that allow potential readers to sign up online.

Custom Signup Sheets

Are you a registered Frankenreads user hosting a Frankenreads event? We will customize a signup sheet for you personalized for your event and send it to your email.